Milling machine

CNC milling machine F560x420 (DIY)

Technical data:

  • Machine dimensions [mm]: 1400x1010x753 (1000x950x753 without covers)
  • Working field [mm]: ~ 560x420x110 (150)
  • Frame design: Aluminum construction profiles 80 × 80 (ITEM)
  • Ball screws: R16-05T7-FSCDIN (HIWIN)
  • Linear guides: HGR20R (HIWIN)
  • Stepper motors: 60H100-3008B
  • Spindle: 2200W water cooled, ER20
  • Supply voltage: 230 V
  • Machine weight: 146 kg (124 kg without covers)

ABeng sells complete documentation on the basis of which a F560x420 CNC milling machine can be made.

Documentation includes almost 70 drawings with instructions.

Price from 100 EUR.


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